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Happy Planksgiving and Other Happiness Builders

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others." Cicero, Roman stateman

Happy Thanksgiving all. Turkey is being readied for the oven. The celery and onions have been chopped for the dressing. Some have returned from their morning collective workout at a place called "Beau."

Several years ago John and I and the kids attended Beau together. When our family walked in all thirty-six participants clapped loudly and smiled...just because we were there together choosing to do something good for ourselves and our families.

The idea of this place, Beau Collective, is that hospitality, connection, and community are at the core of elevation and pushing each other forward. Beau has created a "home" for a community here (Park City) which is rather transient.

John and I think a lot about how community is created. It's largely about connection, safety, inclusion, relationships, working together toward something greater than our individual selves. It can happen anywhere.

On our way here, we took a shuttle to the airport. John asked, "How do we create community on this shuttle?" I had not even considered the idea, but soon we were sharing little comments and laughs with people around us.

This year the Beau workout ended with everyone in a plank (a held push up position). The owner and instructor, Whit, yells out, "What does research say is the most important for happiness?"

While holding their planks, people yell back possible answers. "Health!"

"Of course, health is important, but not the MOST important," Whit responds.

"Wealth?" Someone throw out.

Finally, several together along with Whit yell out, "Relationships. COMMUNITY!"

Some of you have shared with me some of the things you are grateful for this Thanksgiving. At the top of the list seems to be relationships, community. Being connected to people we appreciate and who keep us feeling like life is good.

We can create community and build relationships in large and small ways everywhere. We may have special opportunities today around a table with food, family, and friends.

Whit ended the collective workout with "Happy Planksgiving." All laughed at their hard communal workout. Our traditions, new and old, memories... help to make this place we share together, home.

And if you know the research on what's called, "secure attachment," you know how feeing loved, connected to, cared for, and safely "home," paradoxically lays the ground for getting out into the world and becoming the people we are capable of being...including loving others, connecting to others, caring for others. It's a virtuous cycle.

We have lots of opportunity today for creating home, community, and Thanksgiving. And here is a short video that our family thinks you might like to spur you on.

How might we take opportunities for giving thanks, creating community, establishing secure attachment, and becoming our best selves together?


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